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Upcoming March activities of the SALTO SEE Contact Points in the Western Balkans

As March unfolds, SALTO SEE Contact Points plan a range of impactful initiatives to empower youth organisations to join European programmes in the field of youth.

In Albania, Beyond Barriers Association is set to embark on a crucial meeting with the Ministry of Youth, paving the way for enhanced cooperation and future joint endeavours.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina PRONI and BRAVO will be hosting an informative session for 15 young participants, unravelling the multitude of EU opportunities. Additionally, a comprehensive training on writing EU youth projects in Tuzla will be complemented by an online Erasmus+ Info Day at the local University.

In Kosovo*, GAIA will promote the Europe Goes Local project, with additional two information sessions planned in smaller communities and two more at universities in Mitrovica and Prishtina.

Montenegro will see ADP-Zid conducting informative sessions, collaborating with the Youth Network of Montenegro for a special event, making media appearances, and promoting activities across various social media platforms.

In Serbia, Udruženje Svetlost will lead visits to organizations in the final stages of their QL accreditation process, accompanied by a website update reflecting new role as the ESC Contact Point in Serbia.

March promises to be a dynamic month for SALTO SEE Contact Points as they continue their commitment to empowering youth, fostering regional and European cooperation, and promoting valuable EU opportunities across the region.

Don’t miss out—reach out to your nearest Contact Point to join the upcoming activities.

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