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Are you…

…writing your first Erasmus+ project in the field of youth with partners from other countries or preparing to send and host volunteers within the European Solidarity Corps?

…looking for reliable and enthusiastic partner organisations from other European countries?

…seeking examples of successful projects to spark your creativity?

…eager to strengthen your organisation through international training courses, seminars, symposiums and conferences?

You can do all of that by using the FREE online resources below:

  • Browse the Erasmus+ Project Archive – explore 200.000+ approved projects (yes, 200.000, it’s not a typo) and explore projects with exceptional outcomes and stories, find inspiration for your own projects and/or potential partners.
  • Use the YouthWiki platform – to learn about European countries’ youth policies and find data on young people’s needs. Currently, 33 countries participate in the YouthWiki.
  • Unlock Opportunities with Eurodesk – a dynamic network of national coordinators and local and regional partners, opens doors to a world of possibilities. Connect with like-minded individuals and organisations for your project, youth exchanges, volunteering, and more.
  • Search EU’s Participant Register – if you want to participate in an Erasmus+ call for proposals, your organisation needs to be registered and have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). This register contains all participants of EU programmes.
  • Use the European Commission Partner Search to select an organisation with a registered PIC number based on their profile, country, type, or their previous participation.
  • The European Training Calendar – if you are curious about what training activities in the field of youth and non-formal education Europe has to offer, make contacts for common future projects and build the capacities of your organisation for international youth cooperation, search this online calendar for interesting international trainings, seminars, conferences, etc. Participation in most activities is free for organisations, institutions and practitioners in the field of youth work and every year, hundreds of them take place!
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