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Montenegro youth learn about volunteering opportunities at info days organized by Contact Point ADP-Zid

In collaboration with the Directorate for Youth of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), and the Youth Network of Montenegro, SALTO SEE Contact Point ADP-Zid organized a series of info days to promote volunteering opportunities both within Montenegro and internationally. These events were held in Plav, Cetinje, and Kotor, with additional participation in Kotor from the NGO Youth Activism Network and the NGO Our Action.

These events are part of the implementation of the Action Plan of the Youth Strategy for 2023/2024 and represent a further step by the Ministry of Sports and Youth to encourage young people to lead active lives.

During the info days, representatives of ADP-Zid delivered comprehensive presentations on participation opportunities in the EU Erasmus+ programs and the European Solidarity Corps programms. The success of the info days was underscored by the high turnout of young people, who actively participated by asking numerous questions and sharing their opinions and experiences related to the event’s topics.

The info days also provided an opportunity for the SALTO SEEContact Points Network to distribute flyers to participants and present a website where interested individuals can find useful information.

Officials from the Ministry of Sports and Youth introduced the young attendees to the Ministry’s efforts to enhance the environment for the full development of their potential, the realisation of their rights, and their contributions to societal development. They also presented a youth-friendly version of the Youth Strategy.

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